Founded in 1992, by Zoran Momich, Z Automation Company, Inc. (ZAC) has grown at an astounding rate due to our commitment to quality and excellence. Our success is attributed to a family owned corporation’s dedication to quality, value, and world class customer service. 

Our expansive and modern plant, located in Mundelein, Illinois houses a complete manufacturing process, assembling, business offices, and engineering departments. Over the years, ZAC has developed a complete end-of-line product portfolio which includes: Horizontal and Vertical Cartoning Systems, Sleeving Systems, Case and Tray Packers, Robotic Solutions, and Fully Integrated Systems. Our complete product line fulfills the needs of a wide variety of customers and a multitude of applications. 

ZAC leads the industry in innovation with its unique patented technologies. Utilization of these patented features has helped to resolve a lot of the issues in secondary packaging that have led to packaging inefficiencies and long downtimes. These features also allow for easier maintenance and smaller footprint systems. 

Our experience in producing packaging solutions for a variety of industries has led to an insider’s knowledge of the quality and regulations associated specifically for each production environment. By following rigorous quality control and testing standards, ZAC has been able to produce dependable machines with minimal startup time and issues. 

By controlling the manufacturing process, we can meet our machinery obligations, while providing outstanding customer service, and fulfilling emergency requirements. With a Z Automation machine you not only receive the latest in technology, but you also receive our unmatched service and support. Whether you need ZAC certified installation, training, or service on your equipment, we’ll be there when you need us. Customer service is our #1 Priority. 

About Z Automation Company