Manual Load

Model: CH10.5 30I

  • Vertical Collation for Multi-Count Configurations

  • Slow to Mid-Range Speeds

  • Handles a Large Range of Carton Sizes

Horizontal Cartoners


Model: CH7.5 10I

  • Down Stacking for Multi-Stacking Capability

  • Slow to Mid-Range Speeds

  • Tuck or Glue Style Closing

Manual Load

Model: CH7.5 150CHL

  • Extended Product Track for Multiple Manual Load Stations

  • Continuous or Intermittent Motion

  • Able to Integrate with Automatic Infeed


Model: CH9 25I

  • Integrated Literature Feeder

  • Slow to Mid-Range Speeds

  • Quick Tool-less Change-Over with No Change Parts


Model: CH9 150C

  • Packages Cube Style Cartons

  • Dual Overhead Sweeper Infeeds

  • Maximum Flexibility for Multiple Applications


Model: CH7.5 200C

  • Patented Carton Handling Technology Forms Unique Shaped Carton

  • Integrated Timing Screw Infeed

  • Patented Product Handling Technology


Model: CH10-150C

  • Dual Product Vertical Collation Systems for Variety Pack

  • Patented Carry-In Loading

  •  Configurable with Partition Feeder for Multi-Product Seperation